Poker and love

Poker has become one of the French’s favorite pastimes, almost a social phenomenon. Most of the men play, but they now have real female competition. And when you’re in a relationship, poker can become a problem

Poker and the couple

His poker sites forums, a topic often comes up; the place of in the couple and the family.

It can be addictive and cause problems in a household. And sometimes to the extreme one can be in front of a choice: family life or gambling. It is men who are more confronted with this problem, online or online casino circles. This passion often puzzles the perplexed and helpless spouse even if he tries to understand. Sometimes the dialogue is broken and the game is no longer tolerated by the other.

To be always ready to help

The player must strive to lead a normal life, to know what place poker holds in his life; hobby, passion, want to become pro? The game often harms the couple’s health, or even social relations. But is the game really worth it? There are very few players, who manage to pass pro, so you have to know how to evaluate the importance of the game in your life and have priorities.

To hand over

Often it is the misunderstanding of the passion of the other … And the inability to manage his personal life and passion for poker. Dependents rarely break into the pro environment and despite the talent there is also luck.

Go to bed

How to ensure that poker does not harm the couple. Some would like to convert their partner to their passion. It is the ideal solution to share a passion with the other, but except for a few couples the chances are slim, that’s why we should not insist too much on the subject. Many players try to find a compromise and select only the best tournaments, with the best buy-in, the amount to win … with a schedule done in advance, the other is not caught off guard, we can also limit yourself to a maximum playing time to have time for each other.