Start the Game of Black Jack

Getting started with Black Jack is not easy, but with all the learning opportunities available today, you can easily learn Black Jack at any time. Before venturing into a game table at Black Jack, whether online or in a physical casino , it’s important to apply to your initiation. As beginners blackjack, you not only know the basic rules of the game , but also strategiesthat allow you to maximize and monetize your j had. In order to feel comfortable and more confident during your first game, here are some basics that will help you to be more seasoned.

Principle of play

The main rule of play of the Black Jack is to win a total of 21 points with the hand of cards that the player has. To obtain 21 points, it is in the jargon of the game to have a “blackjack” , and it is an action which guarantees of systematic matter the victory of the player. Played on a table, the Black Jack is not a game that confronts the players with each other, but it is rather the latter who aim to defeat the dealer . At Black Jack, the dealer represents the casino and by confronting it, you directly challenge the gaming house in which you play.

Classification of cards

Blackjack cards are used according to the stake of the game. In general, have used 1 to 8 games of 52 cards during a game of Black Jack. Thus, to take knowledge of the different values ​​of the cards is very necessary, at the risk of deceiving you and not being able to make a good count. There are three categories of cards in Black Jack , those numbered from 2 to 9 , logs and aces . The first type of cards represents the value of the numbers they carry, that is, if you have a 9, so you have 9 points. The log cards are the cards which all have a value of 10 points each, they are the Kings, the Ladies and the Jacks . And finally, the aces, have a value of 1 or 11 points depending on the hand the player has, so it is up to him to give a precise value to the ace he has obtained.